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    website admin

    Welcome to the Couch-to-5K forum topic. If you have taken up the challenge and started running, congratulations!!. We would love you to tell us, and everyone else, all about it.

    We want to know who you’re running with, how well you’re getting on, or who you’ve challenged? Tell us about your Couch-to-5K experience and how you are rising to the challenge.

    Please post comments and feedback in the “Reply to” box at the bottom of the page.

    If you are yet to start the Run Xavi – Couch-to-5K challenge and would like to know more, please go to the Couch-to-5K page on this website.

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    Jogger One

    Going for it – this is a great initiative and the BB app helps keeps you motivated!

    Working towards 10K – have you got a workout report sheet that helps you to the 10K mark or will the 10K app be released soon?

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      website admin

      Hi Jogger One, glad you’re going for it. Hopefully the 5k initiative will be a great success and we can then look at delivering a 10K plan. Happy running!

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    Mrs Wouldbefit

    I’d love to use the BB app but only have a BB Pearl. How do I get the app on it?

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      website admin

      Hi Mrs Wouldbefit, very glad you’re considering couch-to-5k. Unfortunately this app (and many other apps) are made to work with more up-to-date smart phones, sorry.

      However, we have provided a PDF version of the running plan. Though we do know its not the same as having it in your ears when you’re running, (do you know a friend or family member who has a newer blackberry?).

      Hopefully the lack of app won’t put you off taking up the challenge. Good luck!

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    Hey this sounds great!!!

    What time would you recommend for a ‘semi’ experienced runner?

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      website admin

      Hi Quack, glad you like it. If you’re going to follow the Couch-to-5K plan you should be aiming to run 5K in approx. 30 minutes, by the end of the 9 weeks. If you’re more experienced, it’s probably about trying to continually improve and shave a little bit of time off each week. Happy running!

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    Hey, this is great – just what i need to get going again – count me in!
    As i’m a fiftyplus – do i need a Doc check before i start?

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      website admin

      Hi MiddleAgeCrisis, very glad that you’re thinking about taking up the challenge. Couch-to-5k does get you up and running quite gently to start with. However, if you do have any concerns about you’re general health or need any additional reassurance then do consider seeing your GP before starting.

      Good luck.

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    Gingerbread Lady!!

    This programme is excellent I’ve been doing it for almost a year now and am reaping the benefits. The way you gradually build up your stamina is amazing. I could never of run for 30 mins. non-stop when I first started, now if I have the time, and the kids are all happy I’ll run for 8 miles non-stop!! I love setting new challenges…. weather it be running for more miles or for faster. So, GO 4 IT those that are just starting out….don’t give up, just keep at it.

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      website admin

      Hi Gingerbread lady. Those are fantastic words of encouragement for those just starting out on the challenge. Hopefully the progress you have made can serve as an example to others and help to show that it does get easier. It would be great if you could let others know what you have achieved.

      Keep up the great work!!

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    I have done the first week but have got sore hips and back – is this just part of getting fit again? (age 48)

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      website admin

      Hi Grandma. Sorry to hear that you’re sore. Taking up exercise again after a period of less activity can lead to aches and pains. If anyone does have concerns about exercise and overall health it’s best to speak with your GP before commencing/continuing a challenge like this.

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    Me (36) and Mum (56) Are on week 2 day 2 .
    We’re huffing along quite well at the moment !!

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      website admin

      That’s fantastic Secret (and especially your mum). Couch-to-5K is all about starting off slowly and building up. Really glad you’re both sticking to the challenge. Very best of luck over the coming weeks.

      Keep up the huffing!!

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    Jon Simpson

    Started this program about 2.5 years ago – Now regularly do 8K runs – It is a brilliant program – I couldn’t run round a school track 35 years ago – I would just say to those who are getting on, do take it easy when you are starting otherwise the aches & pains can take all the motivation and fun out of it. I think it’s great that so many are taking a serious interest in getting healthier.

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      website admin

      Its sounds like you’re doing fantastic Jon. And some really useful and sensible advice for other runners. Many thanks for your input.

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    Excellent Programme and the app is great too, no messing around with a stopwatch – just hit start and listen to the instructions.

    As the get up and go is always a challenge we use accountability and have a group of 3 or 4 doing this by meeting at a central point 04:44 three mornings a week!

    We weren’t total couch potatoes so we started on week 3 and are now week 5 day 3 – looking forward to the 20 minute run tomorrow, just hoping the lack of sleep due to traveling to a business seminar this week doesn’t kill it!

    Really enjoying it, no aches or pains at all, hopefully there’s a bit of weight loss showing by Saturday!

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      website admin

      Thanks Mr Dynamite (or can I call you WeeDanny). Doing the challenge as a group is a great idea, it helps to keep everyone motivated (and probably adds a little hint of competition as well). Enjoy your run tomorrow, and maybe let us know what the scales say on Saturday.

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    Hilary Gear

    I started off at just 5 mins run, then the next week 10mins round the garden. The following week i took to the streets early while its still dark as im slow! I did a small block to start with, but now regularly run a mile 6 days a week.
    I find i feel fitter, more alert, rolls in my back have vanished and am half a stone lighter.
    Go for it…from a 46 year old Mum.

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      website admin

      Hi HG, it sounds like you are achieving some fabulous results all round. Really glad you’re feeling the benefits. Fantastically well done. Keep up the great work.

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    Have tried it a few times but don’t think I will succeed due to a weak bladder, unfortunately. Can only go for about 15 mins before calamity strikes!!!!

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    I would love to do this…but find it so difficult to get up in the mornings, especially now it is dark! I would like to do this with my mum, but she says she doesn’t want to start running because once you have started, you have got to carry on…is this true?!?
    We all need to get fitter in our house, so maybe this is the answer! 🙂

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      website admin

      Hi “Girl-who…” Very glad that you’re considering the challenge. Not sure about your mum’s “once you have started, you have got to carry on”. Think it’s probably more “once you have started, you’ll want to carry on”. Go on give it a try, and convince your mum to as well 🙂

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      YES!! I have convinced her and we are starting tonight!! Will LUK how i get on! 🙂

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      website admin

      That’s fantastic, make sure you keep us up to date with your progress.

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    Mum of 3

    I’m so gutted! I’d done two weeks of the challenge, hadn’t had a heart attack, I felt better and lost a few pounds too, when I put my neck out and had to stop! My Oestopath has advised me not to do any running for a while because of the state of my back, so here I am back to square one. And this was one thing I was really hoping would work for me as I keep starting exercise programmes and giving them up because of lack of time/enthusiasm etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to restart it sometime – it is inspiring to read others successes.

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    website admin

    Hi Mum-of-3, very sorry to hear you’ve hurt your neck. Very sensible advice from the osteopath, you obviously need to make sure you don’t aggravate any injuries. But lets hope you can get back to the challenge at some point in the future. Many thanks for your feedback.

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    Mum of 41

    I have been doing this programme for a year now- and never thought at the beginning I would ever reach week 9.. but I DID!! Have been running week 9 since Christmas.. and upping my speed in the 30 mins- therefore increasing the distance I run. If I can do it – anyone can- I also lost over 5 stone in the past year.. which makes running that much easier! 🙂

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      website admin

      Wow! Mum-of-41, what an absolutely fabulous achievement and hugely inspiring for everyone else. To all of you that are yet to start the challenge or are finding it a struggle please take heart from Mum-of-41’s experience! Most of us are able to rise to the challenge and achieve or (like mum-of-41) even exceed our goals.

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      Well done mum of 41. You should be proud of yourself. If anything in life is a marathon I guess it’s having a baby. Let alone 41 of them! 🙂

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    Erica Potter

    I’m 50 and I’ve taken the under 30 minute challenge. I’m on week 3, and am not finding it difficult. Went for a mega walk, and talked all the way!

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      website admin

      That’s great EP. Walking, jogging, cycling; whatever people choose, it all helps towards our overall health and fitness. And doing ti with someone else does provide a great opportunity for a good natter.

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    On week 2 and finding it very good
    Never believed how quickly I could build up my stamina
    Glad of the dark mornings at the moment to run in!
    All should try it and it doesn’t take long 🙂

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      website admin

      Well done G! Great effort and thanks for the words of encouragement to everyone else.

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    Getting on well! Is kinda tricky to get motivated with dark mornings and dark evenings but we’re sticking it out!
    Find it a good way of motivating me to keep my fitness up.

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      website admin

      The darker autumn/winter mornings can be tough, but very glad you’re all sticking it out GJF. Keep up the great work

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    I have a standard ubt Blackberry z30 and using the free app, should i be able to download the paid couch-to-5k app? cant seem to make it work, can anyone help? The problem is I cannot set up a way to pay. Has anyone else had this problem?

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      website admin

      Hi RobK, if you can access and download the free version you should be able to get the paid-for one as well. Do you know anyone that has downloaded the paid-for version that could help?

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    Mrs Willbefit

    Yipee … I’m now on week 4 of the 5K challenge! I have got a treadmill (not too keen on this running round the streets business!) and just try edge the speeds up as the week progresses. It tells me how many calories burnt as well which I can then log. I am doing it along with which seems to be doing the trick! Very encouraging to read Gingerbread Lady’s comments!

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      Gingerbread Lady!!

      GO GO GO Mrs Willbefit…….no looking back now you have a treadmill!! Stick at it you’re doing brilliantly it will be hard going but honestly it’s well worth the sweat!

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      website admin

      That’s fantastic Mrs Willbefit (should you be changing your name to Mrs Amnowfit?). is also a great site/system for logging all your activity and providing that extra motivation. Keep pounding that treadmill and keep up the fabulous effort.

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    Doris Trotter

    Whoop-e-doo!!! Eventually got round to ‘taking the challenge’. Just done week 2 and am loving it – feel so much fitter and trimmer into the bargain. Find running in the evenings a brilliant solution, and even the odd dark morning finds me out running! Had major hip surgery 3 years ago, so if can do it I’m sure all you ‘fit-and-well’s’ should be able to. Don’t have a BB so am doing this alone – being out without all the technology actually help keep my mind semi-clear. Roll on 5K.

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      website admin

      Hi DT, sounds like you are doing fantastically well and, most importantly, really enjoying it. Your achievements help to illustrate that the vast majority of us are able to rise to the challenge (with or without a bit of help from technology). Really well done and keep up the great work.

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    Mr Type 1 Diabetic

    Im ‘taking the challenge’…….This is a great app!!!!!, it keeps you moving. Just finished my 1st week and am already feeling that feel good factor of being more alert etc. I’ve been inspired to take the challenge as I am a type 1 diabetic and am 22 stone and have already lost 1.7kg in the 1st week. Im also on blood pressure tables and my goal is to get off these. This will have great benifits for my health and am already having to reduce the amount of insulin I take. For those that are still considering it get off that couch and get moving, you wont regret it…… If I can do it anyone can !!!!

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      website admin

      Anyone who doubts that they can do the challenge (or isn’t convinced of its benefits) needs to read your post Mr T. Your achievement within the first week has been fantastic and it seems to have had an immediate impact on your health. Please do tell everyone what you are doing, as I am sure they will find it inspirational and a great motivation to get up off the couch. Big congratulations on your effort so far.

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    Grandpa and Grandma

    Whoopee!! We’ve completed week six! This is a good challenge for anyone. So come on all Grandpas and Grandmas come and join us. Only three weeks to complete the challenge.

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      website admin

      A fantastic achievement and great rousing speech G&G. Lets hope more people join you, its never too late to take up the challenge. Please do let us know when you complete the 9 weeks. Very very well done!!

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      Grandpa and Grandma

      Just to keep you updated, we managed one complete run of 30 minutes two weeks ago, but due to colds etc we have had to slow down a bit. But things are looking good and we will be out again this evening with our running shoes on! Looking forward to the next challenge.

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    I was very disappointed when I was at week 3 and the doctor told me that I shouldn’t jog – I checked online to see if she really was right and found that although jogging was not a good idea for me, power walking would help my situation…so I have carried on with the programme but swopped the jog for a power walk,(a jog speed without the ‘jar/jolt’)…..I may look silly !!! ….But who cares….just about to start week 7…

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      website admin

      We love your resilient attitude “Secret”. You did the sensible thing by consulting your Doctor in the first place, but after bad news have found a way to keep going, well done. And you’re right, who cares if we look silly, the results are worth it. Keep up the fantastic work and let us know when you complete the final week.

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    I HAVE COMPLETED THE FINAL WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOW I AM FIT !!!!!!??????
    Can I just do 30 mins twice a week now ?

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      website admin

      Congratulations, extremely well done Secret, that’s fantastic news, what an achievement. The amount that you run now is entirely up to you. If you enjoy it and you are feeling the benefits then, in the words of the song…”keep on running!”. We have had a few requests for a 10k challenge and we are currently looking in to this, so watch this space. And really well done once again!!

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    Grandpa and Grandma

    Wahoo! We’ve done it!! Running 3 miles non-stop and feel great! Anyone contemplating this scheme I’d say go for it, you’ve nothing to lose except a bit of weight, and there’s not many that don’t need to! Start now and hopefully won’t put on any weight during the holidays!

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      website admin

      That’s a fantastic effort G&G, well done, you must be very pleased. Hopefully you will be able to keep it up in the new year. We are intending to launch other challenges in 2016, so watch this space.

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    Mr SHF

    excellent programme – print off the .pdf day/weekly sheets and get cracking. Never thought I could do running before – now just starting week 7 :). Only 3 times per week……..just get on with it 🙂

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    Mince Pie

    I’ve just started using the app… seems good and the running isnt really a problem…….just that pounding the streets in the dark mornings gets a bit boring. Does anyone have any tips to keep up the motivation?

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    Is anyone out there running the c25k with a pushchair? I would love to compare notes if you are…I’m on week 2 and finding i need to complete the runs four times to really feel confident to move onto the next week. On the plus side, this feels like a huge achievement, pushing a 3year old and keeping up with the program (so far)…..

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    Lee Thargic

    Just do it! I started in January, and couldn’t run a bath. My latest run was 10.9 miles in 102 minutes, burning 1397 calories, according to Sportrate 😀 As I began running when it was dark in the mornings and evenings, a hi vis vest and head torch were a must. Other than that, the only requirements are a pair of trainers, some music on your BB to listen to, and the will to live! Seriously – I find motivation only comes after the initial action – go for it!

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    Lee Thargic

    Just do it! I started in January and could hardly run a bath…but now…well, the last time I went out I completed 10.9 miles in 102 minutes and burnt 1397 calories (according to Sportrate app) 😀 I certainly don’t call myself ‘fit’, so I reckon anyone can do it! Seriously, the motivation comes after the initial action I find – get going and you will love it. I started to run quite a bit in the dark on narrow country lanes so a head torch and hi-vis vest were a must. Other than that, a pair of trainers, some music on your phone, and the will to live is all you need!

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    I certainly need to get fit but a lot of these post say your all losing weight, I am over 25, 5’9″ and only 62Kg I dont want to lose any more, what do you suggest?

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