Many of us rely on the NHS for our healthcare, but could the best option for today’s modern family be a hybrid solution combining both public and private healthcare? Over 8,000 members of the community have already discovered the benefit of private healthcare, and now we’re encouraging others to take a fresh look too.

There are many reasons why people may not currently purchase private healthcare cover, choosing instead to rely solely on the NHS as their healthcare provider. The NHS is indeed a remarkable asset for the UK and continues to provide extensive healthcare services for the population as a whole, regardless of income or background. It is the envy of many other nations and is quite rightly a much-loved institution. But is it time to consider a fresh approach?

With more and more services now available outside the NHS, the peace of mind provided by private healthcare is now within reach for many more households.

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NHS under pressure

It has been very widely reported that our National Health Service faces immense challenges in coping with the demands placed on it. An ageing population, widespread obesity and growing levels of mental health issues were already combining to place enormous pressure on the NHS that translated in to growing waiting lists and longer leadtimes for treatments in most parts of the country.

The impact of Covid on the NHS in the last two years has been dramatic to say the least with reduced bed capacity and staff shortages through illness or isolation adding to the underlying structural issues that threaten the ability of the NHS to deliver the service it should. It is estimated that there is a backlog of 5 to 6 million treatments meaning wait times are getting even longer for many treatments. What’s more just getting to see your GP at a time that suits can be a challenge for some.

Fast access and peace of mind

Against this gloomy backdrop there are a great many healthcare services now available privately through alternative providers including private GP access, physiotherapy, health checks and mental health support. These services are often available ‘to order’ at times to suit you enabling many people to sort health issues out quickly and with minimal fuss. And if there is a health concern or suspected condition that is creating anxiety, it is now possible to secure the tests and diagnosis quickly to give peace of mind and, if needed, establish the appropriate treatment pathway.

Accessible private healthcare from £36.50 per month

onemedifund offers a range of healthcare plans to suit different needs and budgets and all onemedifund plans include this essential foundation of everyday quality healthcare for complete peace of mind:

Doctor On-callPrivate GP

Direct access to a private online GP when you need it, 24/7, 365 days/year.


Effective nationwide treatment of joint and muscle problems.

Mental Health Support

Specialist consultation and treatment to support your mental health.

Diagnostics& Scans

Fast access to private consultations, scans & outpatient treatment.


Fast-track diagnosis for symptoms of breast,skin & prostate cancer.

Why queue for healthcare?

The disposable income of every household is under more pressure than ever as costs rise. We make choices about how we spend our hard-earned money – the food we eat, the energy we use, not to mention the furniture, gadgets and clothes we buy. Why not include your family’s health too in the household ‘basket’ of essentials? Supplement your NHS care with a private plan for effective hybrid healthcare.

Find out more about affordable, quality private healthcare with fast access to treatment and peace of mind for you and your family.

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