The Doctor On-call service will be replaced by the HealthHero virtual GP service from August 1st. Find out more on the HealthHero page.

Using the Doctor On-call service

Private online GP service - fast access 24/7 365 days

Are you are fed up of trying to get an appointment to see your family GP? Is your business suffering because your employees can’t get a GP appointment that fits around work? Then you need Doctor On-call, our private GP consultation service, delivered by leading virtual GP service Doctor Care Anywhere. It is a whole different way of seeing a GP, one that fits with the way you live and work. Experienced UK-based GPs, specially trained in virtual consultation skills, are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Doctor On-call is available to all Gold, Silver and Edge plan subscribers.So no more waiting room - the Doctor will see you now. For help setting up your account or help out of hours please call:Doctor On-Call Helpline (operated by Doctor Care Anywhere) - open 24/7  0330 088 4980

Access the service through your computer, tablet, smartphone or landline.

Appointments are available 24/7, 365 days/year.

With the Doctor On-call service it’s easy for you, your family or employees to book and have a video or phone consultation with an experienced doctor, at a time that fits with their home or work commitments. The Doctor On-call service provides ALL onemedifund subscribers with online access to a UK based private GP via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Appointments available 24/7, 365 days/year
  • Choice of male or female consultant
  • Private prescriptions delivered to your home*
  • Referrals to specialist private consultants

*Private prescriptions are subject to an additional cost.

Steps to activate your Doctor On-call account

Click on the titles below for a step-by-step guide to setting up & accessing your Doctor On-call account.

Please read ALL 3 steps before trying to activate your account.

Go to the following

onemedifund’s Doctor On-call service is powered by our selected provider, Doctor Care Anywhere.

Once on the signup page, when prompted for your activation code put in your Household Registration Number* followed by the letters OMF.

*Your Household Registration number starts with an “R” and can be found on any letter you’ve recently received from onemedifund or the Registration Help Desk. If you’re unsure of your registration number please call 03000 70 70 70 Option 2.

You’ll be asked to add your personal details to set up your account.
  • If you’re adding children to your account, make sure you add the parent who you would like to have appointments with the children FIRST. This person will be the main account holder for your Doctor On-call service.
  • Children can only have appointments with one parent, so the main account holder for Doctor On-call should be the parent who will be able to be present at the time of the children’s appointments.
You’ll be able to add as many family members as you have on your onemedifund policy including any children.
  • Each family members must be registered on the Doctor On-Call account in order to access the private GP service.
  • Children must also be registered. You will not be able to make appointments for children unless they have been verified first.
  • In order to add children to your Doctor On-call account the main account holder MUST be their legal guardian (named on the long form birth certificate, adoption papers or guardianship paperwork).
  • The main account holder must be present in appointments for child members.
Go to signup page and activate your Doctor On-call account Now
If you have any questions contact the onemedifund helpline on 03000 70 70 70.

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