The onemedifund scheme is a package of comprehensive private healthcare solutions developed specifically for our community and our employees from the wider community. The scheme provides fast access to top consultants, private hospitals, advanced diagnosis and other beneficial treatments for you, your family or your employees.

onemedifund is a private members’ healthcare trust for businesses and households affiliated with UBT

What is private healthcare?

Private healthcare is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment. This could include treatment in a private hospital, by a medical specialist or GP. Your private healthcare plan could also include benefits such as: dental cover, chronic condition benefit and physiotherapy cover.

How does private healthcare work?

Although policies can differ, medical treatment usually has to start with a visit to your GP to obtain a referral for specialist treatment at a private hospital or clinic, or a private facility within an NHS hospital.

So is this insurance?

No onemedifund is not health insurance, it’s a not-for-profit trust created and managed specifically for our community. This means your onemedifund subscription is used to deliver exceptional healthcare.

How do you choose the right cover?

onemedifund has always been about choice; from choosing a leading specialist consultant to arranging an appointment date and time that’s convenient for you. To choose the right cover you or your family, you will need to think about what private healthcare benefits are most important to you. Do you need dental cover? Will you require cover for a chronic condition? Do you have any pre-existing conditions that you want to be covered?

There are different sorts of policies, from low cost out-patient cover; like the onemedifund Edge plan, to those that offer wide-ranging cover and many benefits, such as our Silver and Gold plans. With onemedifund you can choose a level of private healthcare cover that works for you and your circumstances.

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Benefits of onemedifund private healthcare

Personal and family circumstances differ so we all have our own reasons for wanting to contribute to a private healthcare scheme. One of the main benefits will undoubtedly be the freedom to choose when, where and by whom you and your family are treated.

Choose yourappointment

Whatever your healthcare requirements, onemedifund allows you to choose when to have your consultation and treatment, often within days or weeks of your initial appointment.

Choose yourconsultant

NHS treatment is often undertaken by junior doctors. onemedifund allows you to choose from most of the UK’s leading specialist consultants.

Choose yourhospital/clinic

onemedifund allows you to choose where you want to be treated, from your local hospital to the UK’s leading private clinics.

Whatever your reason, we’ll all welcome the fact that we are contributing to a health scheme that benefits the whole of our community and employees from the wider community.

Healthcare Plans

Choose your plan fromonly £36.50/month.

Doctor On-call

Private online GP Service,Free to all members.