With a host of features specifically developed to improve your healthcare experience, the onemedifund Plan Dashboard provides easy online access to make and track a claim, search for a specialist, access benefits information and keep an eye on benefit limits. Watch our video below to find out more…

Online plan Dashboard

More about the Dashboard features

Review and manage your details
Once you have activated your Dashboard account you can review and manage your personal details. If you wish to change/update any of your details, such as updating an email address simply “edit” and save to confirm the changes.

View and send messages
When we need to update you with information about your claim(s), your account or some change to your plan, we will contact you through the Dashboard message centre. If you need to contact us you can also use the Dashboard to send us a direct message.

Make and track claims
The Dashboard allows you to make and track claims for a range of treatments, including medical, therapy, dental and optical care. Once your invoices have been submitted you can track the status of your claim as it moves through the payment process. If your bank details change, simply update them in the “Claim bank details” section.

Search for a consultant or professional
Use the Dashboard to search for a medical consultant or healthcare professional with a particular specialism. You can even filter the search by your location/postcode to identify a specialist or hospital that’s the closest and most convenient for you.

Review your scheme benefits
The Dashboard provides a detailed summary of the all the benefits and annual limits for your particular plan. Once you’ve made a claim for treatment (such as dental care) the Dashboard will show you how much you are still able claim within the current benefit year.

View all your documents
All of the documentation relating to your onemedifund healthcare plan membership are available to review within the Dashboard.

Activate your personal account

To access the Dashboard you will first need to activate your personal account. Remember your Dashboard account is personal to you so each individual on your onemedifund subscription (from 16 years old) will need to create their own account. To activate your Dashboard account please click the button below. If you have any queries please contact the onemedifund helpdesk.

Activate your account / Access the Dashboard