Over a third of community businesses are already experiencing the benefits of helping their employees join the onemedifund scheme; from increased productivity to improved loyalty and employee retention. With the support of our Business Sales partner UBT, all of these businesses are benefitting from healthier more productive employees.

Why choose onemedifundTotal Workforce Healthcare for your business

  • Fast access to the latest diagnostics and leading specialist treatment.
  • Fewer days off through illness & injury.
  • Quicker & more effective recovery.
  • Improved employee retention.
  • Healthier, happier and more productive team.

Get all the benefits of Edge Plan from only

All your workforce on Edge Plan will have access to...

Doctor On-callPrivate GP

Direct access to a private GP when you need it, 24/7, 365 days/year.


Effective nationwide treatment of joint and muscle problems.

Mental Health Support

Specialist consultation and treatment to support your mental health.

Diagnostics& Scans

Access to specialist consultants, diagnosis and scans.


Fast-track diagnosis for symptoms of breast,skin & prostate cancer.

Upgrade your key employees

If you're looking for the added peace of mind for your buisness, you can upgrade the plan for key employees, including increased benefits limits, plus optical and dental cover.

Compare onemedifund Edge, Silver and Gold Plans

Take the first steps towards protecting your workforce.

Your workforce is crucial to your commercial success so the healthier they are the better your business will perform. Now more than ever we are aware of the impact that health-related issues can have on all organisations. Areas of your business may suffer when health issues strike, whether that be due to illness, injury or just general aches & pains that inhibit the performance of your people.

To help you decide the next step for your business, start by answering this question:

Excluding yourself, roughly how much of your workforce has private healthcare cover?

The first step to evaluating the risk presented by workforce health-related issues is to understand the extent to which your business is exposed. If every employee has good healthcare provision you will have given yourself the best possible chance to mitigate and minimize the threat to the business. If there is minimal cover across your workforce you may want to consider cost-effective options for supporting the health and wellbeing of your people.

If there is minimal cover across your workforce you may want to consider cost-effective options for supporting the health and wellbeing of your people. The Edge Plan from onemedifund includes easy, fast access to private GP appointments, physiotherapy treatments and mental health support all as part of the plan, with telephone and video appointments helping reduce time away from work to access healthcare. Don’t forget healthcare provision is also an attractive benefit to help you recruit & retain the best people in to your business.

The good news is that you have some degree of cover but you may want to take a closer look to determine whether some departments are more exposed than others. Do you need to introduce or expand provision across more people to make sure all areas of the business are well covered. Keeping people fit and well will help keep your business on track and protect sales levels, efficiencies, fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Onemedifund has a range of plans that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

That’s great to hear, the cover is there for when people need it. Make sure your provider also includes access to private GP appointments, home-delivery prescriptions, self referral physiotherapy treatments and health & wellbeing employee resources & webinars.

Including your employees

Once you’ve decided to include your employees on the scheme and confirmed the details with them, you’ll need to provide onemedifund with the following information:

1.Names of employees you want to include on the scheme

2.Whether you’re including their spouses and dependants.

3.Which plan you are intending to include them on.

Please download and complete a PDF version of the employee form, or email the details directly to: admin@onemedifund.com

Download the form to include your employees

It should be noted that currently employees must still complete their own registration, either online or via the printed application form. Depending on the plan and type of cover you’re including them on, they may choose to upgrade their subscription.

Business FAQs

A range of ongoing developments to the scheme, including the latest Edge and Silver plans, plus latest tax status, mean that our Business FAQs are regularly updated.

Read our Business FAQs

Getting in touch

To discuss how onemedifund Total Workforce Healthcare can support the health of your employees and your business call the Business Sales team on: 03000 70 70 70 (select option 3). Alternatively, request a callback with no obligation by completing the form below.

    Doctor On-call

    Private online GP Service,Free to all members.

    Healthcare Plans

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